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Who are these guys?

Scott is MacOne.

His last name is MacGougan.

Deb is MacTwo.

Her last name is MacGougan, too - for over two decades now! 

MacOne is a lifelong musician with a Master's Degree in Music Composition from UCLA. He writes the songs and plays the guitar and MacTwo provides the vocals. 

They wanted to make some music that would celebrate everything that is good and right and true in a way that was both fun and cool. (You can let them know if they're getting close.) (They'd like that.)

Sometimes they play as TwoMacs wth just the two of them.
Sometimes they play as TwoMacs & Friends and recruit friends and family to fill out the ensemble.


Marc Stocker is a Juliard trained, professional flute player, who after a devestating injury to his wrist, was forced to lay his flute down. Fortunately for TwoMacs, he has righteous bass chops as well and volunteered to lend a hand!

Devon MacGougan, aka MacThree, is our original, funkified bass player with the groove and heart of his papasan (MacOne). But Devon is young and BUSY! He plays with several other bands, works fulltime and is not shy about helping others in need as his time permits. Dev will still hang out and play if Marc is busy and he's free, though.

John Majmudar is the youngest (and handsomest) of the guys and plays a mean set of congas. You'll see his smile shine through as he sets up the groove.

Corey Berman plays a sweet and cool alto sax and really takes the music to the next level when we get to bring him in! 

We've also been blessed to have lots of other great folks play with us from time to time: Greg & Andie Murat, Ian Jones, Malo Castro, David Salge, Sheryl Clark, Mark Thomas, Kurt Roddy, John Matthews, Art Pedersen, Mike Byrd, Aaron Atkission and Noah Roddy have all lent a hand at one time or another. Thanks, friends!!





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